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Eangee Leaf Lamps

Vibrant Design

Eangee Home Design creates eco-friendly, modern home decor from real leaves, in collaboration with artisans in the Philippines. The process of turning leaves into lamps is labor-intensive and time-consuming, and involves several steps. 1. Fossilization Leaves from cocoa trees are picked and dried for 3–4 months. The leaves can be collected after a tree naturally sheds them. 2. Dyeing The leaves are stained using organic, non-toxic dyes. 3. Adhering The leaves are attached to a heat-resistant backing and cut to fit the shade. 4. Sealing The leaves are arranged in a pattern on the shade and sealed in place with a strong sealant

Everchanging Selection

We bring in several designs, colors and sizes of lamps. Due to the nature of the process required to make these lamps (and their popularity), we cannot guarantee we will have a particular style available in the future. Our selection online mirrors our selection in store. However we receive new shipments often, so if you don't see what you're looking for, contact us and we can let you know of any new pieces!

Want to see how they are made?

Enjoy the video below to get a brief glimpse into the production of these stunning lamps!